Your website is one of the major tools in your branding and marketing arsenal – most clients would view their website as their ‘shop window’ and therefore aspects such as design, appearance, usability and reliability are key components not only for themselves, but for their customers too.

Just like any other service, the user ‘experience’ of a website is key to whether it is successful or not, and directly affects your company. Get it wrong, and you will end up with a drop not only in business, but also company image and even trust.

Designed By Faust has designed and built websites for a variety of personal and business interests – from stand-alone static HTML sites through to content-managed WordPress sites. In every case each design has taken a unique approach to tie in with the identity and marketing of each particular business.

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WordPress is my medium of choice, being able to cater from a simple five-page site to total business solution – and with popular brands such as CNN, Sony, Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, Playstation, Samsung, The New York Times and many others utilising WordPress solutions, there isn’t an alternative platform within reach which provides such power and ease of use ultimately for you, the client, to harness.

A large amount of success in a website is down to research, market and otherwise. Research of your business, research of your competitors, your customers and their demographics, research of usability issues and the most effective methods to relay the information the customer needs through the screen by keyboard and mouse interaction.

Website navigation options, strategies for call-to-action buttons and banners, compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act for website usage and other important elements are all factored into the final product – there are many elements to consider for a successful website design and user experience.

Design philosophy

My design philosophy for website and email marketing systems is based upon the most important principle, which is, from a user point of view – “Don’t make me think how this website’s supposed to work!”

Web design should be, for most website owners and their client base, easy to use, intuitive, obvious and self-explanatory – without sacrificing design, beauty or flair – it’s a perfect marriage of style and function. The ultimate design object, whether it’s a teapot or a website, is one that performs its task flawlessly with grace.

Your website is your ‘shop window’ – what it does, how it looks, how it functions and the user experience are the most important elements for a successful design.

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