Your identity and branding says everything about you to your customers. Whether your logo is a purely graphic symbol, a logotype or a wordmark, this is what will stick in your customers’ minds, and therefore is essential to establishing public and consumer recognition.

Whether you need an identity creating from scratch, or need your existing logo modifying or refreshing, Designed By Faust will be able to help you achieve your goals. Along with creating a corporate guideline structure, you will be able to take your identity design and implement it’s usage across a wide range of media whilst maintaining a ‘best practice’ procedure.

Following the design brief, you will expect to see a series of concepts, preliminary artwork, revisions, and then the final result. The logo will be supplied in web-compatible and print-compatible files, both vector and pixel-based. You may also wish to receive mono (black and white) and greyscale, as well as full colour versions of the finished design if required.

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Of course, a logo on its own is nothing without the branding behind it. Ultimately, the branding of your company is down to how you decide to market your business and products, and what values your company represents. That is down to you.

Customers will recognise your brand, by associating the visual elements of your company with your products and corporate image. The visual elements are what is known as identity, the design of which is just as important as your logo. Your identity is the vehicle which carries the logo, in the form of advertising, stationary etc. The identity allows the brand to be visually recognised. Identity is a designed product. This is down to me.

Identity design takes many forms, such as the logo, advertisements – both print and web, stationery, flyers, brochures, books, websites, products & packaging, clothing, signage – basically anything visual that represents the business.

Whatever your needs are in terms of identity and branding, whether you need something new or you have an existing product, you should take it seriously.

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