When we’re overloaded at Designers Up North our first call to help out is to Pete. This is because any recommendation we make will reflect on us in the long run and we can guarantee Pete will look after all his clients, produce beautiful creative design and ultimately deliver what the client needs. Give him a call, you will not be disappointed!

James Adams
Director at Designers Up North Ltd

Pete was excellent at taking my ideas for a logo and turning it into something even more creative that – importantly – would translate well onto printed copy. He was a real pleasure to work with and has excellent listening skills so he really understands what the client is aiming for, a precious and rare commodity! I’d highly recommend Pete for graphic design work.

Priscilla Stevens
Director at Vibrant World Chirporactic

Pete is reliable, highly skilled, flexible and client-focused. He has carried out a wide range of work for Clarion, from tiny photo-retouching jobs to full-blown brochure and e-newletter design and layout.

Pete has an excellent understanding of the briefs he is given and has the experience not only to design great-looking artwork that fulfils the client’s needs but also to manage the print/production process with authority.

As a freelancer, rather than an employee of an agency, Pete really gets under the skin of the companies with which he works. What is also important, at least from my perspective, is that although he will back his judgement he isn’t a prima donna and, unlike some of his peers, understands that primarily he’s providing a business service and that if the client doesn’t like something then it isn’t right. He also doesn’t expect clients all to squeeze themselves in to the same way of working.

Pete has produced work for Clarion of a standard that many agencies would struggle to achieve. This is partly through talent and ability but also through actually listening and being willing to work collaboratively as an extension of his client’s team. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Stuart Anderson
Head of marketing and communications at Clarion Wealth Planning

Pete is highly-skilled, reliable and has an excellent understanding of the brief he is given. He has an eye for detail and his creative nature enables him to not just meet a brief, but to make it his own. When short on ideas, Pete is able to make suggestions and has plenty of creative ideas. I have no hesitation in recommending Pete. He has bags of talent and can design great-looking artwork that stands out.

Kirsty Hewitt
Corporate Communications Manager at NCC Group

Pete was the guy who produced the page layouts and the cover designs for Housing magazine, but to put in such simple terms really does him a disservice.

In the time I worked with Pete, he proved himself to be an inventive designer, with a quirky eye for detail and a quick thinking creativity, that enabled him to not just to meet a brief — but to help us clarify our own thinking and exceed it.

He was receptive to ideas, able to grasp the concepts we were after, and responsive — that is he fired back suggestions and ideas that helped us to achieve our vision. We had some great brainstorming sessions with Pete; when we weren’t sure what we wanted to achieve, he was often able to provide the seeds needed to inspire us.

Pete could have settled back and been a passive page designer, just following our lead. The magazine would have been poorer for it, but fortunately for us, he has a creative spirit and a professional manner, which meant he was there for us, helping us to achieve our objectives.

Mark Cantrell
Novelist at Inspired Quill
I have commissioned Designed by Faust to design two websites and they receive nothing from accolades from all who see them – see www.firedup.uk.com and www.wimborne-counselling.co.uk. The service is creative and excellent value for money. I highly recommend them.
Keith Hart
Internal Communications Manager at HP UK Ltd