Designed By Faust
Freelance Graphic and
Website Designer,
Manchester UK

Designed By Faust is a freelance graphic and website designer based in the heart of Manchester. With over 20 years of commercial experience, I build graphic design solutions to your needs. I specialise in print and web, tailoring the finished product to your business.

I’m a graphic designer.
Creative solutions is what I do.

I deliver high quality work at freelance rates, which means the best of both worlds for my clients who range from start-up businesses to large companies – from pâtisseries to publishers.

Whatever your needs or budget, Designed By Faust is always ready to take a look. Creating top-notch visual designs to help your business stand out is my business… why don’t you take a look for yourself?

Which design services do you need?

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Design
Exhibition Graphics

Identity & Branding

Branding is everywhere, inside and outside your home. Your brand identity is how you’re perceived by your customers. To separate your business from countless others, you need a unique identity. What makes Coca-Cola different from Pepsi? Or McDonalds different from Burger King? What sets you apart from your nearest competitor? There are certain elements that define a company’s brand: Your business mission • Your business values • The brand ‘personality’ of your business (brash, exclusive, chic etc) • Your unique positioning against competitors • Your brand ‘voice’ – how you communicate to your customers.

Graphic Design

As businesses competition grows, if you want to communicate effectively to customers, you need graphic design. Without it, you won’t draw their attention and they’ll go and trade elsewhere. Design is an essential component of marketing that gives you the power to communicate with other people in an effective and aesthetic way. It can be said that graphic design is a tool that has an artistic purpose and intention. Designers achieve this goal by using media such as photos, illustrations, copy text, typographic style, colours etc. Graphic design deals with print design and the vastly diverse ways it can be set to work for you.

Web Design

How much do you use the internet for everyday life, and how many companies use the internet for business? The internet is ubiquitous for communications and commerce. If you run a business or need an online domain of your own, it is important for your website to look and function well in the modern world and not left in the digital dust. First impressions based upon how a website looks account for almost all of the consumer’s perception about a company – reliability, trust, credibility, professionalism. It is important that your business is perceived in a positive light, and this is based upon the quality of the design.

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