Designed By Faust is a freelance graphic designer based in Manchester, UK.

As a freelance graphic designer, I build graphic & web design solutions, tailoring the finished product to your business.

Selected projects

I’m a freelance designer.
Creative solutions is what I do.

I deliver high quality work at freelance rates, which means the best of both worlds for my clients who range from start-up businesses to large companies.

Whatever your needs or budget, Designed By Faust is always ready to take a look. Creating top-notch visual designs to help your business stand out is my business… why don’t you take a look for yourself?

Creative design services

Logo design & branding

Logo design & branding - freelance designer

Brand design is the cornerstone of how a company is visually perceived, it is your business’s unique visual identity that aims to increase value and awareness.

Graphic design

Graphic Design - freelance designer

Covering all aspects of print design – business cards, letterheads, icons, infographics, interactive pdfs, corporate documents, invitations, packaging etc.

Digital design

Digital design - freelance designer

Digital encompasses everything interacted with on-screen. I design responsive websites, e-newsletters and animated graphics for social media.

Publishing design

Publishing design - freelance designer

I’ve over 20 years in designing layouts for magazines, brochures, guides and pamphlets – in fact, just about any printed document.

Exhibition graphics

Exhibition graphics - freelance designer

I can design your exhibition graphics, from lanyards and roller banners through to pop-up displays and large-scale seamless panels.

Or something else?

Get in touch - freelance designer

Is there something you haven’t seen but need for your business? Get in touch and tell me about how I can provide a creative solution.

Working with a freelance designer.

Just as every client is unique, so is every project. But underpinning every solution is a design process, a flexible and collaborate approach which broadly incorporates the following four stages: Research, Create, Design and Deliver.

The time spent on these four stages depends on the nature of the project and aims of the client, but ensuring each stage is successfully completed will ensure the best results.

1. Research
Research - freelance designer

Involving market research, competitors, client history and preferences, objectives and goals.

2. Create
Create - freelance designer

The brainstorming phase, where ideas are conceived, tested and applied in theory and practice.

3. Design
Design - freelance designer

The best ideas are created digitally and honed down with collaborative client feedback.

4. Deliver
Deliver - freelance designer

Finishing touches are applied, and the design is delivered in the required file formats.

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