Increase your sales with good advert design.

Listings, quarter pages, half pages and full pages in newsletters, magazines and newspapers – good advert design will make the difference to creating a lasting impression.

A well-designed advert is the visual representation of the message you wish to achieve, whether it be the sale of a product, services or spreading the message of an event – if that message doesn’t hit the mark then you haven’t achieved your objectives. Given the fact advertising operates across short timespans, a well-executed concept can get the message across in seconds, and this is down to researching a number of factors and then employing the findings visually and memorably.

Working out your needs

Your needs will be a fusion of technical, budget and psychology – which publication to advertise in, your budget in determining how large your advert will be and how long it will be shown, and finally determining the elements which will act as ‘persuaders’, the components being a mixture of typography, images and branding. What you’re selling may be very straightforward, such as a limited special offer for a product or service, or just simply to establish brand awareness. I can help to determine which of these factors will be best to use by conducting market research to create the components of the advert.

Putting the plan into action

This is where I craft images and text onscreen using Adobe InDesign to arrange the components and output to hi-res print-ready pdf. The necessary elements needed, such as the dimensions of the advert, business branding, quality images, well-written copy and a strong call to action are arranged in a way designed to appeal to customers. I have full knowledge of print specifications needed to produce the final artwork, am more than happy to liaise directly with your chosen publication if needed.