As businesses competition grows, if you want to communicate effectively to customers, you need graphic design.

Without it, you won’t draw their attention and they’ll go and trade elsewhere.

Design is an essential component of marketing that gives you the power to communicate with other people in an effective and aesthetic way. It can be said that graphic design is a tool that has an artistic purpose and intention.  Designers achieve this goal by using media such as photos, illustrations, copy text, typographic style, colours etc. With some exceptions, graphic design deals predominately with print design and the vastly diverse ways it can be set to work for you – take a look below to see some of the services on offer.

Advert Design

Although a well-run campaign will utilise both web and print, traditional print advertising as a standalone option has many advantages to web advertising. Print is still very much alive, and through a judicious choice of which publications or newspapers to advertise in, will immediately target your chosen audience – no need to be in that world of annoying popups or ad blockers. And no need to ‘spray and pray’ in regards to your target audience and waste money, print is cost effective, has longevity, reliable and safe – no spam or viruses involved. Don’t forget the options to choose size, positioning and page number within the target publication.

Poster & Flyer Design

Nothing beats posters and flyers when you’re actually at an event – the internet just doesn’t cut it. Simply picking up a flyer at the theatre or a concert, a cafe or trade show can’t get simpler. Or seeing a poster in a shop window or a bus stop immediately conveys information. And not forgetting newspaper and magazine inserts, in-store distribution, mail drops as delivery systems, the humble flyer can really pack a punch. With the use of coupon codes and QR codes, flyers and posters can bridge the gap between print and digital, allowing you to sell concepts cheaply and quickly whilst keeping more detailed information online. Hashtags are also very useful to advertise on flyers, allowing print and digital marketing strategies to augment each other.

Packaging Design

Nobody buys unattractively-packaged products, full stop. The best selling products involve a designer working with your brand, identifying your target audience and incorporating several aspects to make sure the product stands out, falls within production costs, conveys brand awareness, and is attractive yet functional. A box is more than just a box; a jar or bottle more than a container. Each is an opportunity to grab the attention of the customer, make them aware of your brand and the other range of products you sell, and convey a sense of quality and reliability. About a third of products new to customers are purchased just on on packaging design alone… food for thought indeed.

Retail Signage Design

If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, then you’ll know you need signage. And it isn’t just what’s above the doorway – street signage also includes projecting signs, exterior wall banners, vinyl overlays for windows, and pavement signage such as A-boards or banner flags. Getting customers through the door is essential, and design plays a key role in your signage to achieve this. Just as good food is ‘eaten with the eyes’ first, your business will be more enticing to customers if the exterior is well-presented.

Exhibition Graphics Design

There are many people at expos, conferences and trade shows who will be useful to network and do business with – but for even that to happen, they need to see you first. I have experience in designing shell system exhibition wall panels, roller banners, large-scale format pop up banners with counter stand, vinyl backdrop banners, perspex point-of-sale product units and cardboard product cutout stands. Exhibition stands are more than just booths with pictures – they increase branding visibility, credibility and perform the role of uniting the connection between retailer and customer.