Branding is everywhere, inside and outside your home. Your brand identity is how you’re perceived by your customers.

To separate your business from countless others, you need a unique identity.

What makes Coca-Cola different from Pepsi? Or McDonalds different from Burger King? What sets you apart from your nearest competitor? There are certain elements that define a company’s brand: Your business mission • Your business values • The brand ‘personality’ of your business (brash, exclusive, chic etc) • Your unique positioning against competitors • Your brand ‘voice’ – how you communicate to your customers.

Logo Design

Logos can be split into four different categories: wordmark logo, lettermark logo, brandmark logo and combination logo. Depending upon your business and mission, you’ll need a logo that gets noticed, stands out, communicates your ethos and above all is remembered. To achieve this will take research into your competitors, your target audience, identifying essential media such as graphics, typography, tag lines, colours to name but a few criteria. A detailed brief into all aspects of your business is essential and together we can set the direction to create a truly memorable logo.

Stationery & Market Branding

Stationery is your brand which you can pick up and hold, give to clients and communicates the value of your business away from the screen. Even in today’s digital age, well-designed stationery encompassing business cards, letterheads, compliments slips and envelopes are essential for communication purposes of your business. And depending upon your business, branding can spread to cups, pens, bags, USB drives and other promotional products.

Logo & Branding Package

This is the logo and branding all-in-one package. The first stage will be the creation of the logo, and then applying the design to stationery and other media, depending upon you business needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method for this package design – every item you need is what you’ll get, with no superfluous media. A restaurant is different from an accountancy firm, and your needs will be as individual as your business.