Keep your audience informed.

Newsletters are vital for retaining existing business and creating new customers. Whether online or offline, they’re a great way to build a relationship with your clients other agencies, especially if you have news of company achievements or products and services to promote.

Although digital newsletters are delivered online much more these days, the printed newsletter format is still very much alive, with the ability to deliver in a way that digital cannot. It can serve to reach parts of the population which are not ‘tech-savvy’ such as the older generation, and is far more likely to be read that swiped or deleted from the screen. Clients, such as those on mailing lists, will also prefer the more considered and personal touch of receiving printed material. It is elements like these which contributes to why ‘print is not dead.’

Punch above your weight

The standard newsletter is a single A3 sheet of paper folded down the centre, creating a 4-page A4 ‘brochure’. There’s a lot of information you can put into those 4 pages. Printed newsletter design is a reflection of your company’s branding, allowing you to feature your corporate look in the design of the masthead. Prominent stories are featured on the front page – big headlines grab the attention quickly, and loosely following newspaper design practices, can create a hierarchy of news and other features you wish to publicise. It’s a good technique to keep pages set for regular items, such as industry news or promotional offers, in designated places.

It’s about your customers

If you’re a bricks-and-mortar retailer, of any size or sector, you’ll also know that newsletters distributed near entrances or checkout points can feature offers, perforated tear off coupons or similar ‘keepers’, adding value to the newsletter and increasing the chances of other content being read. Its also a simple way to gauge readership based upon the number of coupons redeemed in store, and provide an estimate to the usefulness of services the newsletter provides. A well-designed newsletter can massively increase customer interaction with your brand in many positive ways, from simple passive brand awareness to increased sales.