Even in this modern age, publications are not relegated to print as it’s now even easier for businesses to publish their media in digital format.

But to get from idea to publication, you need an experienced designer to create eye-catching layouts, build templates and export your creation.

Design in the publishing industry covers so many sectors – from annual reports, corporate brochures and magazine through to newsletters, factsheets, and books – both printed and digital. Everything from the grid layout (columns, gutters and margins) through to what fonts are used, point sizes, leading, text alignment, text and image positioning, the pagination, boxouts, pull quotes and info graphics – as an experienced designer, I can help you navigate and determine what makes a winning design, helping you to get your ideas into a format that engages the reader, efficiently and elegantly conveys information and bestows quality to your work.

Magazine Design

A successful combination of editorial content and design are key to creating a quality publication. With 20 years of working with publication design, I create magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign, using the knowledge of grid layouts, font and typographic techniques, designing and arranging elements such as boxouts, pull quotes, headlines, subheads and body text to convey the editorial content in innovative ways to the audience. Understanding the synergy between design and editorial is vital to creating a successful magazine.

Corporate Brochure Design

Brochures are still one of the most economic means of displaying your products and services. Whilst adverts provide a short timescale solution, brochures provide a means to showcase your brand over a much longer timescale, increasing brand exposure with more scope for better design. And taking into account the various distribution methods and opportunities such as conferences and exhibitions, in store, online signup, direct mail etc, brochures are more likely to be read kept by potential customers, increasing the chances of sales. Therefore, it is absolutely vital your brochure is well-designed to create a strong impression on potential customers.

Book & Cover Design

The cover of a book is the single most important design element to ensure its market success. Even taking into account the vast range of subject matter of books – from business guide to novels – there is plenty of scope for eye-catching graphic and typographic elements to make the book attractive to potential customers. Features such as the spine, back cover, reviews and synopses are important considerations. And with the rising number of e-books and the ability to self publish, the cost and technical ease of being able to place a book on the market is increasingly becoming more within the reach of new authors.

Newsletter Design

Printed newsletters are a proven method for businesses to connect with customers to inform about news, innovations, products and services in your business sector. They drive sales and establish confidence in your company by demonstrating you’re working hard for them. Not only the content, but the design of a newsletter is vital. Layout, typography, brand guidelines are used to drive the content, such as showcasing new product releases, upcoming events, and areas where your business has successfully interacted or excelled in public or business concerns. It is an innovative way to spread brand and company awareness.