Generating word of mouth publicity for your business.

A minimal investment towards creating iconic stationery will really pay dividends in promoting your products and services to clients.

Sometimes it’s too easy to overlook the visual importance great stationery design can have on your clients. Whilst email may be the usual method of communication, physical letters may be a second choice of communication, but nevertheless well-designed stationery is still a necessity, especially for planned or chance situations such as face-to-face meetings.

Consistency is key

The development of stationery will be the end stage after the process of designing the logo, and can offer many opportunities for unique and eye-catching creativity. It is important to unify all the brand elements of the logo, colours and typography to create a set of designs that will become a future client’s initial encounter with your company. So, whilst designing stationery, it is vital to consider how you wish potential clients to perceive your business. Developing key words, such as ‘exclusive’ ‘minimalist’, ‘flamboyant’, ‘strength’ etc can be very useful to set the tone for this endeavour.

Why stick at stationery?

Some key considerations to bear in mind during the development of stationery are design consistency across the board, type of paper stock to be used – the weight (measured in grams per square metre) and size (conventional ‘A’ size or unconventional dimensions), post-print effects such as layer sandwiching for business cards, spot UV, embossing or foil overlays, and rounded or angled corner cutting for a unique product. And also, when taking into consideration conferences or trade shows, why stop at stationery? Depending upon your business needs, promotional products such as pens, cups, USB drives, drinks mats, notepads, etc can all play a part in your branding collateral.