How much do you use the internet for everyday life, and how many companies use the internet for business?

The internet is ubiquitous for communications and commerce. If you run a business or need an online domain of your own, it is important for your website to look and function well in the modern world and not left in the digital dust.

First impressions based upon how a website looks account for almost all of the consumer’s perception about a company – reliability, trust, credibility, professionalism. It is important that your business is perceived in a positive light, and this is squarely based upon the quality of the design. It is vital you deliver your message to customers across an evolving medium – desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. People are also evolving along with the internet, so the faster and more efficiently information can be digested, the better.

Responsive Website Design

Websites viewed on mobile and tablet devices has now overtaken desktop web browsers. As the trend is likely to increase it is important to be sure your website works across all platforms, especially for all businesses and traders, large and small. Many older websites are not. Because Google favours mobile-friendly websites for its search results, it is vital to be sure your website is mobile-compatible in order to obtain better ranking. And taking into consideration the increasingly cheaper mobile data and cost of smartphones and tablets, now is the time to adapt future trends into the design of your website to stay current and be found.

E-Newsletter Design

E-newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools in use, and will continue to be so. This is because e-newsletters keep your customers up-to-date with news about your business and products without overdoing the sales pitch. They give subscribers the opportunity to connect passively with your business without any hard sell and provide brand awareness. Also, e-newsletter subscribers want your news and will appreciate being personally considered via a mailing list, rather than having to obtain the information from social media. They really are worth putting the effort in to make. It’s also important the design of your e-newsletter is compatible across all devices to reach maximum readership.

Website & Identity Packages

For many startup businesses or those wanting to refresh, the full package is needed – an identity and a website package. As a designer, it makes sense to offer an all-in-one service to keep yours costs lower and to keep a tighter rein over the branding, making sure all your print and web products are designed to a high standard and blend seamlessly together.  To create a unified brand awareness for your customers is what you’ll need to hit the ground running and, depending on your objectives, a tailor-made suite of design options is available for you to choose. Get in touch with Designed By Faust to discuss your needs.