Branding services

Whether you’re a new business requiring a fresh brand, or an established business looking to evolve and rebrand, I can help you achieve your goals. I’ll get an understanding of your business, and what your aims and objectives are. This is essential in creating a branding platform you can market your business upon.

Branding can seem a confusing concept. As far as design goes, ‘brand identity’ refers to items such as the logo and other visual elements that identify your products, and visually differentiate from those of other companies. This can cover a vast array of media, such as packaging, stationery, videos, social media etc. Clear design guidelines will help ensure brand consistency across your business and it’s products and services, increasing brand awareness in the minds of your customers.

Branding for startups

One of the most important steps in brand identity for your new business is creating a ‘brand direction’. This is the template which will inform the design stages of all the branding elements you’ll need, from the logo onwards. Your template will feature a mood board of colours, images that you want your business to aspire to, descriptive words for inspiration, fonts which will be appropriate within your business sector. I can help you create the style guide which will define and direct your brand identity’s application for all the elements you’ll need as a startup business. Applying sound design principles will avoid the guesswork approach that more often than not results in poor visual identity.

Rebranding your business

All companies need to evolve to stay relevant. Perhaps your business was established in a pre-internet and pre-social media age, and you’ve realised your image no longer matches your purpose and future ambitions. This is where rebranding can help to make your business fresh and relevant again. Maybe just a few tweaks are needed to nudge the brand identity in a new area. Or perhaps your entire existing brand concept is so far removed from where your business wishes to be, a complete overhaul is needed. I can help define the areas where change is needed by performing a brand audit, based upon various metrics and statistics based upon data reviews. Once strengths and weaknesses have been identified, a new brand direction template can be established to redesign visual elements.