Magazine design – from pagination to print.

Quality magazine design makes all the difference between your readers forming a connection with your brand, or it staying on the shelf.

With 20 years’ experience as a designer in the publishing industry, I understand the magazine design cover to cover, inside and out. And with the same experience working with editors, journalists, copywriters and advertisers, I know how to work quickly to print deadlines. Whatever the publishing sector or size of readership, designing innovative magazine layouts are the most important factor to drive editorial content, attract and engage your readers and keeps them turning the pages. I have worked on many styles of magazines in various sectors, from corporate annual reports and yearbooks to business trade publications and contract publishing.

Magazine design factors

Knowing who you’re designing for, your target audience, is the first step and crucial to generating the right design. The tone and look of the magazine needs to reflect your readership. For example, skateboarders and pension funds are separate markets, and designs should reflect this. The next aspect will be cover design. Getting this right will make people pick the magazine up, and is the most important page in the publication. Grid systems and columns are the building blocks of interior pages, and innovative use of differing widths and white space can create a unique look.

Print and digital work together

Having collaborated with editors, journalists, marketing and PR copywriters, I know the importance of what each side brings to creating a magazine. Whether you write your own copy or employ an editor, I am skilled in the process of layouts to an agreed pagination (taking into consideration advert placement), design and editorial amendments, and final output to pdf. I also collaborate with printers using XMF or other page approval systems, and where the magazine is to be used online using Issuu or a similar platform, I create hyperlinked text and adverts objects to link to specific websites.