Retail signage – good design says more about your business than you think

For the majority of bricks and mortar businesses, the most prominent form of advertising encompasses good retail signage design, so you need to make sure you look good on the street.

Think of your street or retail signage design as a giant advert that’s on display, every hour of every day of the year. Consider the exposure to several hundreds of people passing throughout the day when your shop sign is placed in a prime location.

Retail signage is a physical representation and extension of your brand, and as a bricks and mortar business, is one of the most important elements of your branding package. A huge amount of customer faith is placed in the quality of the sign above your door, to the extent that a badly-designed or ill-kept sign is enough to deter customers from entering. So, it is of the utmost importance your exterior signage is professionally designed, constructed and fitted to the highest standard.

First impressions count

Signage has a huge influence in enticing customers to a company as an entity, and also its products and services. The more attractive and professional your signage looks, the more customers can expect the retail or business experience to be a pleasurable one, and therefore a memorable one. One can expect positive reports spreading through word of mouth, and also through online reviews. Likewise, you can expect inverse results from bad signage, which will effectively create negative expectations amongst customers. Well-designed signage can even create impulse interactions from passersby – not bad for a passive, one-off advertisement. So, it is worth investing in a designer to create the perfect retail signage.

Increase your brand’s visibility

Retail signage can come in all shapes and sizes, such as laser cut metal fascia lettering and logos, acrylic backlit and illuminated fascias, and projecting signs. There are also window transfer signs, signs built from wood, stone, glass or neon tubes – the list is endless. To determine what will work best for your business will depend upon exterior factors of your current or future premises, branding and identity, and possibly planning permission. If, for example, the signage is designed to project over the street. If you need retail signage design for your business, then I can help you reach your objectives on time and with budget.