Spread the word with flyers & posters

Flyers, posters, leaflets, DL brochures with eye-catching and engaging designs – so go ahead and get your night on, host your sale, advertise your offers and target your audience. But make sure you have good flyer and poster design to be noticed.

There’s a reason why people still use, as in centuries past, flyers and posters today to advertise their products and services. Put simply, they work. And a key reason why they outperform other advertising methods in terms of investment and cost, is down to good flyer and poster design.

The countless ways a simple A5 piece of paper can be used is astounding. Such as, if you have a new range of products to sell or an old range to be discounted. Maybe you have special offers on your products and services. Perhaps you are hosting an event such as a party, a concert or DJ night. Or you’re advertising a lecture or performance, a yoga retreat, a community day out, a hen or stag night, or coupons for your business. You name it, the humble flyer covers all these possibilities, and so many more.

Low input, high output

As a simple guide to poster and flyer content design, I take on board three guides. Make the content, text and images, as eye-catching as possible; consider strong use of colour, in line with brand guidelines; and finally, create balance in the design whilst getting the message across as efficiently as possible. All three guides interact with each other to varying degrees depending upon the project. However, from a client point of view the cost of getting the design right is low when considering the potential return several hundred or thousand flyers can bring, in terms of event attendance, product units sold or services retained.

Having a clear purpose

There are other elements vital to good flyer & poster design. Having a clear purpose by deciding what information is essential to include, a prominent call to action, and making sure not to overcrowd the message. Also, making sure the message and graphic style appeals directly to the target audience, always including your company’s branding, and making sure all timescales are workable if using time-sensitive offers or event dates. If you have the idea, it’s best to work with an experienced designer to make sure all the design requirements boxes are ticked for a successful campaign. And also consider how a flyer or poster design can be distributed through social media, emails and newsletters.