E-newsletter design – plan your marketing strategy

As a primary source of communicating directly to your clients, well-planned e-newsletter design shows how you can create a valued experience.

Businesses can grow their brand awareness, create new customer bases and potentially generate more sales by using e-newsletters. One of the main advantages over social media is the ability to personalise e-newsletter content to specific audiences, and especially when taking into account the analytical data that can be gleaned from your e-newsletter distribution, greater insight can be obtained than just using the ‘spray and pray’ model sometimes employed on social media platforms.

Relevant content

The more technology advances, the more personalisation will matter to the customer. The onus will shift from them searching for what they want to businesses anticipating customers’ needs. This is where targeted email newsletter campaigns come into their own, and providing increasingly relevant content will become the goal of your e-newsletter service, increasing brand awareness, and potentially turning leads and enquiries into sales. Well-written editorial will provide trust in the brand, business integrity, and reassurance of product quality on a manner that isn’t presented as a hard-nosed selling technique.

Choose a good marketing service

I use MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing services that offers highly affordable pricing plans starting with a free service for startups and SMEs, and can manage a large volume of emails for bigger businesses. From the design angle, MailChimp provides a good design suite to create a variety of email templates to suit almost any business branding style. I have experience designing and building email templates on this platform, making sure e-newsletters appear on screen correctly in your inbox, be it on desktop, mobile apps or browser-based services. I make sure the template is responsive, the fixed links in headers and footers are accurate, and once perfected, you will be ready to take over and start managing your content and campaigns.