What’s the first thing customers will visit? Your website.

Your website is the first port of call for everyone to see who you are, what your business is about, and if it attracts them. Design plays a massive role in creating favourable first impressions. You’re online 24 hours a day, and so are they – every day of the year. You have to look your best.

Responsive website design means a single website working across many different devices, platforms and browsers. The technology is evolving all the time, and your online presence needs to keep pace. Your website be visited from people at home on laptops, or travelling by bus using smartphones, at the library, in the street, perhaps using tablet devices on holiday. Whether you already have a website or need an online presence, Designed By Faust has the design skills and experience to get you up and running.

Digital evolution

For anyone who’s tried to view a non-responsive website on a smartphone, the results are frustrating with most people leaving shortly afterwards. There are still many businesses who haven’t updated their websites to be responsive, and they are perhaps unaware that not only are they losing customers but are being penalised on search results by Google, who now prioritise mobile-friendly websites. I can help you digitally evolve your website to a responsive design, helping your business to stay ahead for the future.

Website design process

The start of every website design process is you – your business model, your needs and objectives, your expectations. With this data, I will sketch out design concepts, work out the size and scope of the project so I timescale and cost can be established, examine your target audience, conduct research into competitors in the field, and present designs for you and I to evaluate. At this stage, the design direction will be established in accordance with what will work with either your established branding, or a combination of your input and research based upon market sector you operate in. I will then develop further the final concept into a fully-functioning responsive website, conducting testing across a variety of platforms and devices.