Packaging design – think outside the box

Strong packaging design will not only make you stand out from your competitor, it will create a lasting relation with your clients. It pays to think outside the box.

Great packaging is more than just a bag, a box or a container. It’s one of the primary ways to stand out from the crowd and wow the customer with a desire to purchase your product. And just as much thought goes into the materials used to package the product, as well as the printed design.

Although the tide is turning against the use of plastics in packaging due to the climate crisis, there are abundant opportunities for sustainable materials to be used in packaging, such as paper, wood and wood fibres, glass and metals. The ability to design, craft, reshape and print upon these materials is almost unlimited. The design of your product’s packaging product’s is a highly influential marketing tool for advertising purposes, and is one of the most important aspects to standing out on the shelf.

Invest in packaging design

Packaging design needs to be attractive to the consumer, in order to effect a sale. Well-designed merchandise should stand out to customers and make them want to pick up the package. Your company branding should appear in the form of colours, fonts and logos to link the package design directly to your business and create connections of familiarity. All the information you need, both descriptive and legal, should be a feature of the design which is both informative and tasteful. Some of the best package designs feature built-in functionality, such as being stackable, easy to transfer by hand or container, or aesthetic as an object in its own right.

Low production costs

Good packaging design does not need to be expensive to produce. The overheads of producing both well-designed and badly-designed packaging for similar products is exactly the same. What makes some packaging look and sell better than others is purely down to good design practices. Things like market research, and deploying corporate branding to be recognisable. Also, making sure the purpose of the design matches the product and communicates to the customer the quality of your brand and your products. This is why some products outperform others of similar sector and value in terms of attractiveness, quality, reliability and value for money in the mind of the customer.