Brochure design – modern, traditional, original.

Brochures are an effective physical marketing tool, a convenient way of giving the customer a more in-depth knowledge about your business. They can be kept for future purposes and read anytime, plus distributed through a variety of methods.

Whilst we may be bombarded by promotional material all day, every day, it is vital that design plays a factor with the material we do keep. With a well-designed brochure, not only is the material attention-grabbing, but more information about your business, products and services will be conveyed. Considering how extensively researched the significance of packaging design is to consumers, your brochure should be treated the same.

Tailor-made and bespoke

Every business is different – and every business needs to look different. This is why every brochure design is unique and tailor-made to your needs. All aspects for originality are considered, such as the dimensions (portrait, landscape, square, bespoke), the paper stock (paper weight, grain, matt or gloss), the grid layout (number of columns, headline, subhead and column positioning, pull quote design etc), photo retouching (colour overlaying, graphics overlaying etc). And most importantly, your corporate branding as one of the main feature to increase brand exposure to customers.

Outstanding design

The sheer expanse of information that can be covered over several pages in a brochure gives an unprecedented opportunity to really showcase what your business can do. Depending upon the size of information, I will make preliminary concepts for covers and key sections designed to be spread over 4, 8, 16 or 32 pages, and liaise with you for feedback. Print design concepts, such as using double-page spreads to your advantage can be used, as well as dedicating single pages to high quality photography. My brochures designs can also freely be hosted digitally online, either as pdfs on your own website or through a publishing site such as Issuu.