Engage your audience in style with superior exhibition graphics design

If you’re considering taking your exhibition graphics design to the next level for future trade shows and expos, you’ll be wanting to attract customers and display your business in a memorable way.

Graphic design is a vital component to the success of an exhibition stand, for both the business and customer. It comes down to the size of the structure, design of the graphics, features, and engagement tools with an emphasis on the latter providing the best consumer experience.

It pays well to plan ahead with exhibition design before the event. Knowing your objectives is helpful, whether it’s passive brand awareness or promoting a product. Understand your target audience and design what you want the customer to experience at the stand. Also, think about what you want them to take away from their experience interacting with your business. There are many factors to consider in the design of exhibition graphics.

Strong, bold, simple

With exhibition graphics design, it’s important not to clutter and overfill the banner with everything you can think of. As a designer, I advise the client that it’s much better to decide what the design is intended for, and only then start to diligently fill the empty canvas with graphics, text and branding to create a strong and eye catching message. Simple is better in these scenarios, with the end result designed to jump out and catch the attention of the viewer. Don’t be tempted to add more than is needed, and keep the whole design unified with your corporate image.

Set to impress

Depending on the size banner and layout of the design, the focus can be on a single aspect, product or service of your business, or it can tell a story or chronicle a timeline of events. I have experience in designing several types of exhibition graphics, from roller banners and pop ups and curved display large format banners to seamless or shell system wall panels. Given the fact that your business is on display at an event, it is vital you look good. There should be no errors regarding dimensions, resolution of graphics, or visibility aspects with the fact that counters or seating may obscure sections of the banner. Design all these aspects into the banner, and you’ll be impressing customers at your next expo.