Logo design – the symbol at the forefront of your visual identity

A high quality logo design is the vanguard of your branding – the key element for your customers to identify with who you are and what you do. It’s what everyone sees first, and what will be remembered. Your logo is the single most item in your branding arsenal.

Whether starting from scratch or rebranding, careful consideration needs to take place in designing your identity. Fonts, patterns, lines, geometric shapes, swirls, typography, 3D, 2D, complex, minimalist – all logos feature these elements, and many more besides.

But the one thing all well-designed logos have in common is the ability to represent their business in a unique way, and perform the function of connecting with their client base. The job of your logo is to be remembered, get noticed, be admired and be a financial asset to your business.

Starting the process

Designing a logo begins with taking a detailed brief – using client-informed details such as target audience, competitors, design preferences etc. Once as much information has been provided as possible, the brainstorming starts. I will begin to sketch out ideas and gradually narrow the design down to key concepts. Liaising with the client will produce rough drafts and a further narrowing down until definite designs are achieved.

Designed using vectors

After the ideas have been narrowed down to final concepts, then it’s time to start designing onscreen. All logos are designed with Adobe Illustrator, which ensures the final product complies with industry standards for output to print and web. Where needed, Pantone colours are utilised to ensure a perfect colour match. The final product will be delivered in a variety of formats: AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, JPG and PNG, which should cover all potential applications.