Motion graphics

Animated web graphics are becoming more common due to faster internet speeds. They also feature widely in powerpoint presentations and other marketing materials. I can help you enliven your marketing strategies and web presence with motion graphics – custom animated gifs and enhanced video.

Motion graphics are one of the best ways of grabbing attention for your marketing presentation or social media output. Social media motion graphics have been the prime format which outperforms the standard text and image posts with enhanced click ratings. One of the best things about animation is how it can be custom-designed to engage the viewer over a specific point or topic – one which may be fairly complex and lengthy to to explain simply by text and static images alone.

Social media animations

Social media is a primary channel for your marketing and, done well, will help your business develop a larger following than many other traditional methods. With so many people generating posts on social media, you need to be noticed with both engaging content and attention-grabbing graphics – in other words, social media animation. The animation needs to consist of short, intense visuals to capture the attention whilst people scroll through their feeds. Whilst it’s technically simple to post text and an image on social media, it is beyond most users’ ability to create¬† animated visual motion graphics. I can help your business cut through and stand out from the crowd.

Enhance your presentation

As a business or marketeer, creating a great presentation is an essential tool to get your message over. But when badly designed, they can really go wrong and fail to deliver your vision. From aspects such as failing to incorporate your branding correctly, to badly designed slides, a poor slideshow can distract from the message. But even with these elements in place, you could go much further and wow your audience by incorporating motion graphics, either as custom-built standalone elements on the page, or as whole-page transitions. I can help your presentation do much more with emphasised animations built into key stages of the project. So, when you click and progress through the slideshow, you will be able to deploy animations which can help deliver your message more effectively.