Web banners & social media adverts

With a limited screen area and huge numbers of competition, web advertising has to perform harder than it’s print cousin. So, it’s important that design principles are applied to ensure marketing success online.

With well-designed online advertising, it becomes easy to promote your products and services to a worldwide audience. Web advertising enables you to advance your business beyond the confines of your physical location at no extra cost. Using the internet empowers a company to bridge the gap with your audience quickly and, with the advent of harnessing global market sellers such as Amazon, cuts out the need of physical travel to expand the business.

Web banners

There are a wide variety of web banner sizes to choose from. But research shows that about 90% of the most common sizes come in 4 shapes: 300×250 Medium Rectangle (the most prevalent for desktop  and mobile advertising), 728×90 Leaderboard, 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard (the most prevalent for mobile screens) and 160×600 Wide Skyscraper. This helps to narrow down what format to choose to fit your design and campaign budget. As the shapes of these 4 sizes are quite diverse (long thin landscape, almost-square and tall thin portrait), a designer is your best bet to fit your images, text and calls-to-actions to the best effect whilst retaining vital brand consistency.

Social media banners

There’s many aspects to consider for a successful social media advert – the difference between success and failure means a click and potential sale, or the advert isn’t even noticed, let alone ignored and scrolled past, resulting in a wasted marketing budget. Each social media platform, apart from having it’s own design specifications, has its own set of demographics, target audiences and age groups which needs to considered. An experienced designer will not only meet the technical design specs for differing platforms, but will ensure your company’s branding will remain intact. This is essential if you plan to advertise across the spectrum of the internet, as brand consistency and awareness is one of the most vital elements of a successful campaign.